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As you know, the lowesr payroll team in the NL East won the division.
The next lowest team came in second.
And the next to the highest came in dead last.

Are you saying maybe we should cut payroll again this year?
Or maybe if we cut an additional $5 - $10 million last year we could have competed?
I think he's saying that having a high end payroll does not always equal wins. Plenty of low payroll teams have had success. And also teams are starting to figure that out around the league...the Mets are not the only team who has signed players to huge contracts and seen them severely under perform. It has happened to so many teams to the point where they try to avoid dishing out huge deals.

Look what the Lackey and Crawford deals did to Boston. Look what the Reyes/Bell/Buerhle deals did to Miami. Even the Phillies after years of big time spending are now cutting back and find themselves in a mess.

Mets are not the only team trying to get their **** back together after failed big money contracts...and you do this by temporarily lowering payroll and probably have to suffer through some tough seasons.