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    Quote Originally Posted by BradHolt4CYoung View Post
    Both of your trades are ridiculous...what kind of team trades 1 really good, unproven prospect for a few crappy/average unproven prospects.

    Has a team ever done that? Prospect for prospect deals pretty much never happen...and trading 3-4 for 1? C'mon...
    Well what do you suppose they do? They don't have an answer for the outfield in the organization. Duda is a first basement and a DH that should only be playing the outfield in a pinch.

    The D-Backs need MLB ready young pitchers. Gee and Familia fit that bill. Don't think of it as prospects for prospects think of it more as trading from positions of strength to fill a need. I don't see why the Diamondbacks wouldn't make that trade. They get a late inning reliever in Parnell. A potential number 5 starter in Familia and a decent outfield prospect in Puello. They already have a strong outfield and we are desperate for outfielders.

    And anyways Parnell would be the main player the D-Back would be getting in that scenario and he is not a prospect.
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