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He hasn't done a bad job with the farm with what he had to work with. He has done a pretty mediocre job with the MLB team given what he had to work with. I see lots of complaints that he was left some big mess by Minaya, but I just don't see it. If we had just keep all of Omar's players, this still would have been a pretty good team last year. I was reminded of this recently browsing Clay Davenport's site, and seeing Wright, Reyes, Pagan and Beltran all in the top 15 in the NL last year in his equivalent runs stat.
You do realize that K-Rod, Ollie and Luis were Omar's players too. And who is to say that Pagan and Beltran would have the same years here as they did, respectively, on the Giants and Cards. And if he was able to retain Reyes (which I am confident he would have, if not for the wildly spending Marlins throwing around money last year) you wouldn't have had Tejada's or Murphy's numbers to add in.

So, you're saying that we might have had a slightly better mediocre team than we actually did last year, if we had only kept Omar's $143 million payroll and lost another $70 million or so. (Might being the operational word there.) Is that it?