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After 4 losing seasons and no major free agents signed that cost them picks, the farm better be better. Then again the problem has been that in his two drafts the Mets have yet to draft a high impact guy, now obviously there can be a guy that developed into that, but that was the same issue with minaya's drafts or as it turned out to as of now. Harvey could be the one exception.
It 2009 they signed K-Rod, and in 2010 they signed Bay. They both cost the Mets a 1st rounder.

And I agree they haven't drafted an impact player, but then again both of their 1st rounders are 3-4 years away. Ike was considered a bust after his 1st season. As you know let the kids develop, they may surprise you.

And Niese turned out pretty well, even for the most jaded fan.