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    Lillard was so clutch down the stretch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hot Rolllin View Post
    Kendall Marshall, the other highly touted point guard in the 2012 NBA Draft besides Damian Lillard, is reportedly making progress for the Suns' D-League team, the Bakersfield Jam.

    so glad we didn't chase fools gold college stats and big names and went with the Lillard... he is a perfect xmas present

    Suns have our number of late we gotta change that!! big game time to move over .500 woot woot
    I couldnt figure out why Marshall was getting so much hype on draft day, I thought he should've been a 2nd rd pick. Too many people go by what conference players play in and the level of competition they play against as a tool to how good they will be.
    Marshall's game was nothing special and his assist avg. at NC was nothing to special either considering the talent he had and it only masked the obvious that he is a weak scoring option (bricklayer). Yeah he is quick and has decent court vision but in reality he has probably always used his quickness and ball handling skills to get assists because he is an offensive liability in crunch time.

    Alot of people showed how truly inexperienced they are at judging talent at the college level this past draft by the K Marshall over Lilliard. Lilliard may have gone to a smaller school which in my opinion showed how much better he was than Marshall due to the fact he had far less talent and was able to excel against every teams game plan that was almost always directed at shutting him down exclusively.
    Lilliard consistently had double teams and maintained a very high level of offensive success and with continuous defensive pressure on him proved he was a solid decision making playmaker as well.

    I still look back to draft day and shake my head at those that thought the Blazers should take Drummond and then Marshall. Those would have been about the 2 stupidest picks in recent memory especially at 6 and 11.

    You and I were all about lilliard from the start, we all knew Portland needed a solid PG to get the rest of the team going and everybody wanted to throw 10 million plus at MLE type pgs and draft Marshall (dumb@sses).

    In the end the Blazers did the right thing by picking the only pg in the draft that could make an impact and possibly become a great pg. I credit the Blazers owner, yes Paul Allen more than anybody for making this happen because he is the one that said the 6th pick was gonna be Lilliard and kind of eliminated the front office from over debating the pick and possibly buying into the hype of Andre Drummond especially when he was right before ours eyes at the 6th pick.
    Way to lay down the ironfist Paul Allen and bring whom I think will become one of the greatest Blazers of all time to Portland in Lilliard.

    I thought Id throw this out there because I give you alot of credit for seeing the Lilliard pick from the start and Im giving you props on all your posts in support of Lilliard.

    After 25 games in K Marshall is what I thought he was, nothing special average at best and as for Lilliard well, I dont think there is any question as to this is already his team.

    LaMarcus is our best player and allstar but it is quite obvious Lilliard is our most valuable assest and next season Lilliard and LMA will be in the allstar game for the west. Lilliard will be considered our best player by next season and Lilliard and LMA are gonna be a lethal tandem over the next 6 to 7 seasons. At the moment the Blazers have set a solid foundation with Lilliard/Batum/LMA and how far the Blazers will go all depends on how the Blazers shape up the rest of the roster for the longhaul. Currently I think any and all other players outside those 3 could be used in trade even Leonard in a package if the right bigman was available to Portland.

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    I remember a week or two before the draft when most still thought we would trade the pick. A little circulated report came out that Allen had dinner with Lillard and immediately told entire team Lillard would be the pick, no if's/and's/buts about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.Mopp View Post
    Lillard was so clutch down the stretch
    Yeah, Lillard came up big down the stretch. We almost pissed it away, but Lillard stopped the bleeding and pushed Portland over the top. I'm also happy that Dragic and Scola finally didn't destroy Portland. It seems like those two players always kill Portland, but they didn't go off..
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