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    Watching Lin and Harden fly up and down the court and really push the tempo seems to be really devastating for the other teams. That's their strength. Lin and Harden are starting to play well together, but I think they need to play at this pace. Their young fresh legs and athleticism will be an advantage when they play this style. Watching the NY game, the Knicks looked demoralized after a make or miss, the Rockets were already at the other end making a layup...and I don't think bigs like Chandler can get back there faster than Lin or Harden or even if they just sprint down there, it will be a fairly easy basket.

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    was so much fun being there last night. just wish i wasnt feeling so ****** (staph infection) so i could have enjoyed it more
    The Most Epic Thread EVER
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    Yea what is he thinking not wanting to drive next to or near drunk people. I have never met a more sheltered scaredy cat. As a hobby i find 10-15 homeless guys and give them lots of alcohol and play bumper cars all day but im normal.

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