We thought this wasn't an issue anymore, but we discovered that's not the case (hat tip to TK). We're going to do it slightly different. No more using the formula that we used before and doing all the math, because after doing dozens of them I've noticed that regardless of what level you set their experience at the resulting ratings still varies, especially on harder positions like SS or CF.

And just to clarify and preempt any concerns that have been voiced by a few GMs that seem to not understand how this works...no player is being given the ability to play a position that their secondary defensive positions wouldn't already allow them to play with experience. All we are doing is manually changing the experience level in their player profiles to get the game to recognize their abilities since it won't do it on it's own. If a player has ****** secondary defensive ratings and we crank his experience at SS all the way up, he'll have a low rating at SS. If a GM really wants to play a terrible defensive SS and have a colander in their infield, have at it.

Just for this year we'll do three per team, and then one per team per year as needed. Just post the name of the player and what level they are currently playing (MLB, AAA, AA, etc).