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Myers...he's the better hitter with less injury concerns.

Also is people are making there decisions based on Syndergaard remember the Rays also got back Jake Odorozzi....who is a better pitching prospect than Synder and is major league ready.
What in the world makes you think we could have gotten both Myers and Odorizzi for Dickey. Remember, the Rays gave up Shields (who is likely to top KC's rotation for years after Dickey retires) and Davis, who immediately slots into a #3/4 spot in their rotation or who can be a stellar reliever.

Would you have given Dickey and Niese to get Myers and Odorizzi? I thought not. Gee wouldn't cut it, and we aren't giving Wheeler.

And for the record, the only thing mitigating in Odorizzi's favor over Syndergaard is that he can move into the rotation now, while we will have to wait a couple of years for Noah. But I will take Syndergaard over Odorizzi any day. Odo reached A ball a year later than Syn, but didn't have nearly as good a season there. Minor league career wise, Odorizzi - WHIP 1.227, 2.8 BB/9, 9.2 K/9 and Syndergaard - WHIP 1.085, 2.7 BB/9, 10.0 K/9.