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We are not competing in 2013 and is Hairston really part of our future plans?

Would rather get a younger player and see what he can do. I dont see the point of paying Hairston 5mil in 2014 when we will be spending big money in the offseason on bats and actually looking to compete.

The only reason we would get Hairston is so that our 2013 OF is a little less pitiful looking and maybe eases the fans frustrations a bit in the FOs eyes. I dont see a big enough difference I'd rather savior the money or spend it on someone younger
I hear you but who do we have in the minors that are a part of our future plans. Let's not fool ourselves with the Mike Baxters of the world. Baxter is about as much a part of our future as Hairston is. I'll take Hairston and his 20 bombs until we acquire somone younger and better.