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    Nobody on the list is really worth it for more than 1 year IMO.

    This is why I am not too upset over the idea of not spending and going cheap, young, and maybe even low risk, high reward.

    I get why people want to bring back Hairston. He makes sense. If we want a better chance at winning we ideally need a righty who can hit lefties to counter the balance of all our lefties who can hit righties. So yes, Hairston makes sense.

    However, if he is demanding a 2 year deal worth more than 7 mil a year, I say know way to that. I'd rather get a cheaper version on Hairston for 1 year.

    The last thing I want to see is the Mets over spend on Scott Hairston.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Patito View Post
    Wow, you just won't let this go will you? I'd be more than happy to provide the numbers again if you'd like. The fact is that Marmol in his best season, put up one of the greatest performances by a reliever in the history of baseball. Better than Rivera? Youre damn right. You can't deny this.

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