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    Nobody on the list is really worth it for more than 1 year IMO.

    This is why I am not too upset over the idea of not spending and going cheap, young, and maybe even low risk, high reward.

    I get why people want to bring back Hairston. He makes sense. If we want a better chance at winning we ideally need a righty who can hit lefties to counter the balance of all our lefties who can hit righties. So yes, Hairston makes sense.

    However, if he is demanding a 2 year deal worth more than 7 mil a year, I say know way to that. I'd rather get a cheaper version on Hairston for 1 year.

    The last thing I want to see is the Mets over spend on Scott Hairston.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VendettaRed07 View Post
    noah is gonna be a beast man.

    with him and harvey, its like were gonna have Goku and Vegetta in the same rotation

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