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    I don't think evens will ever be more then what he is now. He hasn't put on a pound or developed any kind of shot, and he's like 24 years old. I'd love to see burks on the floor more often, but I have to assume that his attitude is what is being developed right now. All reports are that he's "too cool for school" meaning he doesn't practice hard. If he has to earn his minutes in practice and by playing better as a team, than riding the pine might have serious long term benifits for his attitude and being a better team mate.

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    If I were Coach ( I would lick my lips more)

    Mo (35)
    Hayward (25)
    Marvin (25)
    Favors (30)
    Jefferson (30)

    2nd Unit(minutes)
    Foye (20)
    Burks (20)
    Carroll (19)
    Millsap (25)
    Kanter (11)

    Player assessment
    Mo- Fits our scheme, our starting PG for the forseeable future
    Hayward- great player when he is aggressive, below average if not
    Marvin- good at everything, can dissapear in games
    Favors- needs 30 minutes a game minimum, even if it pisses off a veteran
    Jefferson- unstoppable in the low block, lazy defensively when tired
    Foye- needs to be benched if not hitting his shot
    Burks- hungry, aggressive, must get 15 minutes a game, go to sub for offense
    Carroll- sets the tone, gives a spark
    Millsap- love him, a bit off due to the inevitable trade, can't defend the low post
    Kanter- great improvement, needs minutes to develop, endless coaching needed
    Tinsley- sub in if offense is not moving the ball, ready to play
    Bell- take his mom out for a stake dinner and never call her again
    Evans- sub if need a spark, excites the home crowd
    Watson- only gets minutes if aggressive defensively (like last season)
    Murphy- D-league all season

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    I still would want to see the Burks/Foye backcourt, and hopefully with Mo out we can see some of that. That backcourt worked wonders over the preseason, and I dont see why it hasnt been used sense.

    And to be honest, Corbin probably looked at Carroll and Burks early on, and Carroll just worked his *** off to play and he's being rewarded. I love how Carroll picks up guys at halfcourt, that is the kind of pressure I love to see more of.
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    Your lineup is almost what I put somewhere else.

    I think:

    My starters would out muscle and have great energy. Plus they would be able to work the paint and have some perimeter shooting!
    (30)Tinsley (Seriously, come one, he is not gonna match well vs CP3)
    (30)Carroll (we need early energy)

    My bench is based off, guard position lacking. I think any PG with Foye and Burks at the same time would be great. Then with Millsap and Kanter, you got a wild combination that I think would work for our current situation.

    Watson is to pathetic to leave by himself, no offense to him, but are PG situation is crazy. With Foye and Burks out there, it will make Watson an assist monster, especially if you have Millsap to be your muslce(with Kanter, they would dominate the paint, and mix things up a little!) I just don't think Millsap will do what needs to be done to win. He wants starter so he look good.

    I think some would agree with my burks/foye/pg + any two Big Men. I just think it would work better against the vs's bench.
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    I know allocating minutes hard, but you cant blanket give everyone 30 and 18 min. and sure as hell Millsap isnt going to accept 18 min same with Marvin. 30 is too much for Tinsley (if you want him to play more than one game this season) and no Burks love?
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    Carroll-5 minutes(He would get the left overs from Marv and Burks).
    Evans-5 minutes(I would take 2.5 from Al and Paul).

    This would be my basic outline.

    However, I would change this, cause I would bench Foye/Marv once they get their points(I mean is it really to hard to ask to make 2 points a quarter from a "shooting" position.).

    The little minutes I don't give Foye/Marv, I would extend Paul and Al, by putting Hayward and Favors in for Marv and Foye as first cycle at 5 minutes. Then at 2-3 minutes, I would bring in Kanter/Burks for Al and Paul. Then I would bring in Watson to start the 2nd.

    Towards the end of 2nd, I wouldn't bring back my starters till the last 5 minutes, which is probably where I would mix in Evans, Carroll, Millsap, Foye, and Tinsley.
    All great things come to an end...even in basketball -Me

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    The only minutes I wanted set in stone are everyone's but the starters.

    I mean I think with a little time Al, Paul, Favors, Hayward and Tinsley would become unstoppable, if they actually practiced this way.

    I just think Marvin and Foye should be brought in for streak shooting. Like if their shooting bad I would sub them out for defense guys like Burks and Carroll. If their hot, I keep them in and take out Paul and Al.

    I just see Foye and Marvin getting better shots without Al and Paul on the floor. I mean each are a duo of points, I just thought it would be better to bring in two defenders with two shooters and with a PG.
    All great things come to an end...even in basketball -Me

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    No one's minutes should be set in stone. You ride the hot guy, you change minutes based on matchups, you change rotations based on energy, etc..

    I don't agree that Foye and Marvin, or Mo and Hayward for that matter, get better shots when Al and Milly are not on the floor. If there is no legitimate go to post player (Al) that can draw the defense in there is no space for those guys. Al and Milly are pretty good at passing in the paint and Al has really developed his kick out pass.

    Remember the old adage that the best way to break down the defense is with ball movement. When we drop the ball into the paint for Al watch the defense attention at every position turn and the interior D contort to offer help. Derek and Enes may get attention too, but it's not nearly as committed of a shift.

    During a game in 1982, Frank Layden, then head coach of the Utah Jazz, had seen enough of his team's poor performance and wanted an early exit. Layden verbally abused Strom so he could get ejected from the game. Strom knew what he was trying to do, and when Layden asked why he didn't eject him, Strom replied, "I know what you're trying to do, Frank, but if I've got to stay out here and watch this $#!^, so do you".

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