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Players are compensated. They get a "free college education". Should they get additional compensation? No. As pointed out something like a stipend is totally acceptable. Stipends and free educations are already offered for people wanting to attend college by the ROTC, various states for certain degree programs, etc. These free eductaions usually have a catch though. ROTC programs require their graduates to serve x amount of years in the military and free medical programs usually require their graduates to serve x amount of time in a medically impoverished area.
One of the benefits I think some of you are overlooking, that in my opinion is very beneficial to players, is exposure. Players playing for colleges, especially major colleges, are getting exposure to pro scouts. This is exposure that they probably would never receive. I, personally, think that is of great value. If the players are fortunate enough to play for a major college, they will be getting national exposure. What price do you put on that? Even if the players are not on a national stage, they still have a better a chance of being discovered. Now at least, there is tape on these players for potential pro teams to study and evaluate.
If the argument is that schools shouldn't be allowed to make millions off the atheletes, then I agree to a certain extent. Perhaps, the schools should be required to take some of that money and say provide scholarships for underprivileged kids.
yeah,but underprivileged kids dont win schools national championships (sarcasm)