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Tell me more about this, as this is the first I'm hearing that the Yankees botched Wang's rehab.

Whose plan was this and how did you obtain access to it?

And how is that you know that the Phillies don't take credit for Floyd or the Expos don't take credit for Johnson?
While Wang was rehabbing from his injury the Yankees told him he couldn't do the running routine he normally does. The problem is since he didn't do that there was a lack of strength in his legs so he compensated for it and put more stress on his shoulder.

That plan is Cashman's and it's supported by Hal. I didn't gain access to it it has been stated by Brian and Co. for the past few seasons. It started back in 05/06. It's the reason why we had Generation Trey and the Killer Bs. It's the reason why they have gone pitching heavy in the draft and IFA over the past several yrs.

Have you ever heard anyone past or present consider those two pitchers to be apart of their previous organizations. Hell most ppl don't even know RJ was an Expo.