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    Quote Originally Posted by carljam1 View Post
    Lawrie still has yet to show that he's a stud, he has great potential, but he has yet to match it. NL Batting Champ is off the juice, I'd put money on him having a very down year. You guys also took a bunch of the scraps from the Marlins, I'm willing to bet Reyes and Johnson both spend time on the DL this year. The Blue Jays are the paper champions, but as the Red Sox showed a few years ago, that doesn't mean you guys will be the dominant team you expect to be.
    Never remember a player hurting his BA because of being of juice. Normally the power goes away (see A-Rod).Could be wrong, but you guys have more knowledge then I do with regards to PEDs. What I ask is to stop being hypocritical, don't tell me Melky is going to fail while in the same breath, Pettite succeeded.

    As for the scraps from the Marlins; interestingly enough, the Jays got their best pitcher, the chisox ex-best pitcher, and one of the best SS in all baseball. I'll take those "scraps" every day of the week.

    Try taking off the Yankee colored sunglasses.
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