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    Jeter's player option is 8 million not 14.5 million..

    So with over 90 million to spend I think the team SHOULD be able to fill some of the holes..

    "We need a DH, a 2B, a C, 3 starting pitchers and probably a bullpen arm or two."
    Seems like a lot. But, lets be honest about the Yankees. They will obviously fill a few of the holes with vet rentals and a maybe a few younger players. No, we can't expect premium at all positions in a budget conscious year. However, they seem to have a tendency to use the minors to fill in bullpen spots. The DH can easily be a rotating slot with all our old players. And they were not very concerned with the catcher position this year, not sure if we will be next year either. Maybe Romine and Adams can help, but who knows.. Way I see it the real issues..

    2b, 3 Starting pitchers with nearly 90 million to spend.

    Thoughts - As much as I may not like it. Cano will probably be resigned and take a good amount of that 90 million, say 20 million. It will still leave 70 million for 3 pitchers which is very much doable and keeps us under 189 in 2014 and lined up for big spending in 2015. Some decent potentials in 2015 as well Headley, Ramirez, Sandoval, Butler, Vmart, Verlander, Kershaw, Felix Hernandez (yeah I know its very unlikely on those three) and Shields..

    And I'm not even trying to figure in any kind of trades that might wind up going down..

    Bottom line is despite what the naysayers think, we might be competitive in 2013, 2014 and BALLIN in 2015.. It simply isn't time to jump off a bridge here or give up on the Yankees just yet.
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