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    Reid doesn't deserve to be fired but he may need to be.

    First off, I love Andy Reid, I think he's a great coach, one of the best in this league.

    However, I think he's in over his head, he's doing too much.

    Notice I said he's a great coach, not great at his job, which is Executive Vice President of Football Operations.

    I think he has too much on his plate and his ego won't allow the Eagles to have a real GM so he has these two huge jobs and he can't put all his energy and mental capacities into one thing and both suffer for it.

    If he were just Executive VP, I think the talent on this team would be loaded.

    If he were just coach, this team would be very well coached.

    But unfortunately he does both and letting a very good GM go to the Browns was a horrible idea and you can see that it's allowed this teams depth to suffer, I think a real GM doesn't sign Vick to that deal but Reid thought he could turn him into something he's not.

    If Reid had stuck to Vick being Vick, I think we'd be fine but he's trying to turn him into a pocket passer and less running and that is not Vick.

    We have one great and one good running back and it wasn't until Vick was hurt that he started to use Bryce Brown and Sunday we may see both used at least 15-20 times each!

    Castillo should've never been fired. (or got his job but the D was good)

    Mornhinweg should've never been hired.

    Too much change is never good and even though all these acquisitions looked good, it messed with the chemistry of the team and firing your D coord after it was your offense getting turnovers that was losing games and your D was the reason you won the three games that they did, was just a poor decision.

    Reid's head is just not there anymore.

    I wish he could be successful here, but his time is come, he needs to go fine less green pastures and if the NFL comes to LA, I'll gladly welcome him home!
    (He was born and grew up out here

    Lastly, if he comes back next season, I'll welcome him back just the same, after all the injuries and crap that's happened this year he definitely should get another chance.
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