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I dont think theres any reason to hate Ryback, not sure why he got "cena-ed" so fast by some fans.

That being said, he has not earned the honor of being the guy to end takers streak.

I dont consider Punk old either, 34yo in pro wrestling is like 25 in the NBA. Sure theres more wear and tear and concerns over durabilty as wrestlers get towards 40, but he is 6 years away from that. If Punk put together 6 more years at the level he's on now, with takers streak and this long reign on his resume, the he is easily amongst the greatest of all time. Which is what hes being built towards, and Im not talking about the storyling greatest of all time either. I think vince legitimately wants to find deserving icons and HOFers in each era, punk, cena and hopefully DB are the ones we are seeing now. Cena cant have takers streak, it wont go over well. DB possibly if its not punk. I dont think anyone would be angry about DB getting it.

Easy set up too. DB turns on Kane and retires him or just gets over on him big. Taker for the save, setting up the WM match. Only problem is turning DB to vicious heel when he is so over as a tweener.
Because the IWC hates all faces. Ryback turns heel and they would love him.