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burfict is a player you cant count on... is he good? sure... but will he be suspended? IDK. ill take lee 10/10 times. or bruce carter, who you can count on to not only be good players, that wont be suspended, but can also be good role models for our kids.

dez, IMO, doesnt get in the trouble that jenkins, or the other guys do. ( drugs, police etc.) I know that he got into a scuffle with his mom. but thats a domestic thing, i kinda understand.

regardless, even dez knows you cant do that type of thing.

there not marketable, there not dependable, and there typically not good players.

if your out getting high and drunk every night, your probally not going to be in great conditioning, or know the play book very well...

and you must not have kids...

this is america's team. i love them. i want them to win the superbowl.

i want my kids to love them. i want my kids to root for them with me.

im not going to have my kids looking up to a bunch of thugs, or immoral douchebags.

id rather be 1-15 and have good players, then be 16-0 win the superbowl, and have a team of rapist, child molesters, drug addicts, gang bangers..

i dont care if there cocky. they can have a bad *** attitude. they can dress like a thug. they can get in a fight or to on the field. thats fine with me. they can have swag...


i dont want any players that are on drugs, (repeat offenders) or cant stay out of trouble..

(pacman jones)

i love dez. he is young. he sagged. big deal. he didnt pay some bills. ( hey, im guilty of that sometimes, no big deal)

he had a fight with his mom.. that is a big deal... strike one....

i think he grew up though.. so, im ok... but, i dont want thugs..

and when you have kids, maybe you will fill the same way to.
FYI i think you might have mistyped because you said you don't want a thug, yet it's okay for them to dress like one. Maybe you meant something different, i'm not sure.