BB, you're not representing Americans too well either with those spelling mistakes. Atrocious. Get a grip buddy, or a dictionary. Either way, the way you keep attacking my credibility because of where I live is hilarious, makes you look more ignorant than ever.

They only have direct TV for the main teams hahahahaa it's called GamePass buddy, once again, showing your ignorance.

Program's and debt eh? Programs and depth? Anyways, I don't know where you're getting this info from on Corey White going at it at practice with Drew and him leading camp with INTs. I guess you and him have some kind of relationship? I feel like I hit a nerve when I said he sucked. I guess he does suck, your dick that is lol.

And you're stupid for not understanding that there's a definite lack of TALENT at the corner position. Did you not see Johnny Patrick get manhandled? Corey White sucks, he wouldn't start for a good team. Our team lacks DEPTH* at the position and that is really the only reason he was our #3 CB.

On a serious note, I legitimately think Corey White could eventually be solid for us, I just don't think he's as good as BB thinks he is, at the moment anyways.