Just wanted to take the time the wish everyone in the section a very happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. This year, perhaps more than ever with the recent devastation by Hurricane Sandy and the tragedy in Connecticut, it's important to be grateful for those that we have and the things that we're able to do and probably take for granted everyday.

We're ultimately in the section because of one entity: The New York Mets. We may not all agree on the things that we say, we may insult each other, debate tirelessly about the same subjects to the point of insanity, and cry foul about trades or the front office direction, but we all have that one common glue that holds us together. We love the game of baseball and wish to see a successful team on the field (Unless you're visiting from another part of the forum, that is).

Enjoy your holiday season and take solace in the fact that there are only 100 days remaining until April 1st and Opening Day. When we're still tied for first, and have the best winning percentage of any MLB club.

Best to all!