Number 1, no way in the world you get Myers for Syndergaard, Wilmer, Mejia, and Nimmo... You're offering him 3 a-ball or lower guys and one guy who hits at double-a but has no position for the number 3 prospect in baseball. Another reason, the Red Sox just got him. You'd have to offer them a no-brainer deal for them to consider moving an outfielder who could be one of if not THE face of the franchise in the near future. Myers is less attainable than Upton. The Sox are going to wait and see with him before they do ANYTHING unless it's a no-brainer.

Also, the Beltran deal just happened to take place mid-season when he was finally showing production because he was finally healthy for some period of time. He was marketed as the best bat available and he really was. Dickey, while being 38, it was a give and take situation. Yeah he's 38, but he's a knuckleballer with no ucl with 3 years of data showing he's a front-line pitcher, last year being the pinnacle of his career, so far... And because he's 38 and a knuckleballer, he also gets paid peanuts compared to what other aces make.
So you're able to have an ace getting paid middle of the rotation money on a short-term deal... that's a rare situation to be in. Imagine that trade for Johan ended in us signing him to a 2-year extension... the flexibility we'd have would be amazing. Plus Dickey will be pitching in a dome most of his time there with much improved defense over what we were fielding. AA is no dummy. You want Any of those guys mentioned, get ready to deal 2 of Niese, D'arnaud, Harvey, and Wheeler along with someone like Syndergaard or Fulmer and a b-level prospect like Tovar.