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I'm all for Sandy's plan, but I'm admittedly getting tired of the way the front office is sitting around waiting to pick the scraps off the free agent pile.

On another note, I don't care about what the average fan thinks. I just think that most fans don't realize Sandy's plan, and only see what is on the surface.

Since Michael Bourn was mentioned I'll just say I would advocate signing him on a one year deal if he can't find the long term contract he is looking for this season. He can always be extended, but lets imagine he isn't. Lets imagine for one second that Sandy signed Bourn to a one year deal. There can be two perfectly realistic scenarios:
1-The Mets actually have an exciting first half. They then decide to keep Bourn, and get a draft pick when he leaves or get the inside track to extend him in a weak free agent market next year.
2-The Mets don't compete and there is a contender looking for a lead off man and/or a center fielder mid season.
Would you rather trust the Mets when they have an 11th or 12th (whatever it was) overall draft pick next year? Or would you rather trust Sandy bringing in a blue chip prospect by trading Bourn, especially considering that the only thing Sandy has proved he excels at is trading all star talent for top prospects.
For starters because of Bourns agent, Scott Boras, most of if not all these scenarios won't work. There are 2 reasons why Bourn hasn't signed with a team.

1. He is asking for a lot of money

2. He will cost a team a 1st round pick on top of money to sign a guy who IMO won't make a big enough impact to justify the money and pick being surrendered.

I would rather my team stick to their plan and keep building than be excited about speed at the top of my order and winning an extra 3 games next year.

I also don't think we get a pick for him after one year. I don't know what the new rules are, but a lot of things have changed.