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    Quote Originally Posted by nyyfan4life View Post
    Ron Rivera for DC. Reports are that he won't be back with the Panthers. He was an awesome defensive coordinator for both the Bears and the Chargers when he was with them.

    I don't see how Pettine comes back.
    Ron Rivera isn't a good DC fit because philosophically he is from the Tampa 2 tree and doesn't fit the Buddy Ryan mold.

    I wonder what that relationship is like now between Rex and Pettine. I wonder if Rex is secrectly encouraging the leaks. I can see Pettine wanting out. He wants to prove he can be a DC on his own and step out from Rex's shadow. Plus, it helps him to get out of the building and go somewhere else so that he isn't fired in a year when Rex gets fired.

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    @steiny31 : Norv Turner is going to be fired today. He's Woody Johnson's #1 choice to replace Tony Sparano as offensive coordinator. #nyj


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    Quote Originally Posted by agonz1439 View Post
    this thread is a joke. Im a huge jets fan. This is easy. We have so many holes on
    our team we should trade down in the draft try to acquire extra second round picks. Id draft an Oline in the First Round (G Chance Warmack Alabama). Sign a tackle to take over for Howard (David Diehl Giants will cut). Second Round draft either Giovanni Benard or Montee Ball (Both are very explosive). If they do trade down for another second rounder draft QB Landry Jones. We wont have alot of money so I'd let Dustin Keller go being that i think we have to resign Brandon Moore who is more important than Keller.Cut or let leave via free agency Greene, Pace, Scott, Slauson, Tebow, Sanchez. Try and resign L.landry and Brandon Moore. Sign Matt Moore. Look at his Stats when he has been given the chance. Completes about 60% of his passes. Would be very good with this oline. Draft a Tight end in the Third round that can backup Cumberland and Block.
    Sanchez can't be cut.....well to be clear he can be cut but it will count for 17 mil on the thanks. The team is 35 mil (or so) over the cap. They will need to cut a ton just to get under enough to sign their draft picks. I agree with trading down for picks...maybe St. Louis will want to jump so badly they will give up both #1's they have...(not sure if a 10 spot jump is worth that much). They may seriously have to consider trading Revis ( I hate it but he's going to ask for another outrageous contract).....whatever they do it is probably going to be more suffering for the fans.

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