With Sanchez's contract being what it is I am betting that the jets keep Rex and bring in someone like Norv Turner who after really breaking down Sanchez's game believes he can fix him, provided he is able to implement his offensive system and revamp the offensive roster. Much of Sanchez's problems are mental. There aren't really any better choices out there whether we are talking about the draft or free agency.

Financially this makes sense and I think this is something Woody (due to the money) and Rex (because Mark is like his 3rd son) would both want to hear.

The key is finding a talented OC with a track record that believes he can win with Sanchez. The tradeoff is that someone like Norv is going to need complete autonomy on that side of the ball and a big role in personnel decisions to rebuild the offense. He is also going to need to break sanchez back down and build his *** up.

McElroy and Tebow should also go. McElroy was right after last season about the jets organization. Coming from a functional environment like Alabama it was probably culture shock for him to see the zoo that was the NY Jets. He isn't the QB of the future though and that QB meeting room needs to look totally different next year. Cavannaugh is gone and the only guy back in that room will be sanchez.

The fans will be brutal for Sanchez but winning cures everything. If the jets get off to a good start next year that will take care of itself. The jets shouldn't draft a QB next year. They should bring in a free agent that the new OC is comfortable with. They need the draft picks to revamp their roster. If Sanchez doesn't work out then they can use a draft pick down the road to bring in the new QB.