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    Originally from MA

    Favorites In Wrestling For 2012

    Pretty open ended wrasslin' topic. Could range from favorite superstar, tag team, match, theme, moment, promo, beard, AJ outfit...whatevs.

    Superstar: Daniel Bryan
    Match: Bryan v Punk at OTL
    Theme: Damien Sandow
    Kaitlyn's Boobs: Her Awesome Boobage
    Moment: Taker, HHH, HBK in arms after HIAC
    Moment Runner-up: Kane Pushing Wheel Chair Bound #WWYKI Off the Ramp...really that whole feud
    Promo: Khali's Merry Christmas
    Olympic Hero: Kurt Angle
    Announcer: JBL
    "Newcomer": Antonio Cesaro
    Favorite RR Mistake: Sheamus Winning Over Jericho
    Favorite Awful Booking: Sheamus and The Ryback Winning
    Referee: AJ
    GM: Johnny Ace
    PPV: Extreme Rules

    I dunno that's enough for me

    He growls as he storms the country,
    A villain big and bold.
    And the trees all shake and quiver and quake,
    As he robs them of their gold.

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    Cool thread

    Superstar: CM Punk
    Match: CM Punk vs Y2J at WM
    Theme: Antonio Cesaro
    Moment: Taker, HHH, HBK in arms after HIAC(agreed)
    Moment Runner-up: CM Punk attacking The Rock
    Promo: Antonio Cesaro bashing the USA time and time again
    Outfit: CM Punk in Yankee pinstripes in Boston
    "Newcomer": Antonio Cesaro(agreed)
    Favorite Awful Booking: Ryback getting a huge push
    Referee: Mike Chioda
    GM: Eve as assistant
    PPV: Wrestlemania
    Best Nickname: RyBlack
    Favorite Cena lose: Night of Champions to CM Punk
    Hottest Diva: Eve

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    Oct 2010
    Superstar: Daniel Bryan
    Favorite Return: Brock Lesnar
    Match: Undertaker Vs. HHH-Hell In a Cell
    Theme: Damien Sandow
    Moment: The Rock standing triumphant in Miami after his match with Cena
    Moment Runner-up: Return of DX at Raw 1000
    Promo: Rock/Punk/DB
    Announcer: JBL
    "Newcomer": Ryback
    Favorite Awful Booking: Cena over Lesnar at Extreme Rules
    Referee: AJ (sure why not)
    GM: Johnny Ace
    PPV: Wrestlemania 28

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    Jul 2007
    New Bern, NC
    Superstar: CM Punk
    Match: HHH vs Undertaker
    Theme: CM Punk
    Moment: Agree, HHH HBK and Undertaker after HIAC
    Promo: Daniel Bryan and Kane anger management
    Announcer: JBL
    "Newcomer": Ryback
    Referee: Brad Maddux
    GM: Vinnie Mac (Thru Vickie)
    PPV: Wrestlemania

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