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    somewhere on the same rock as you
    Medlen wins CYyoung

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    I'm already gone
    Quote Originally Posted by ATL#22 View Post
    I'm going with Medlen because we have an pretty intimate relationship.
    Not sure I'd be braggin' about sloppy seconds.

    1) Mac rakes and forces the issue
    2) Heyward maintains his trajectory and may be a year or so away, but it will happen
    3) I "love" Kris but the competition and the voters are somewhat stacked against him. As much as I hate to say it, I believe it's America's sweetheart's to lose. (SS)
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    Gonna miss the Magician
    Just another tricky day for you.

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    1. McCann.. anything has to be better than his .230/.300/.399
    2. Medlen.. has he went a full season as a starter?
    3. Heyward .. to much talent in the NL.. I say in his late 20's he'll get it
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    With RTG.. I think Teheran wins the RotY.

    As far as the proposed question goes. I'm going Mac, Heyward, Medlen. If Mac's issues are all truly behind him then it would be hard to ignore him for this category. The reason I place Medlen last is because I just haven't seen him start for an entire season. Heyward and Medlen both have the potential to be in these conversations. I just don't see it this year.
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