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This might seem like a RIDICULOUS idea and I'm gonna hide behind a chair when I say this because I think people might throw bricks at me....

I wouldn't mind trading Shumpert, Copeland, Brewer, Camby in some combination if it got us

Kawhi Leanord from San Antonio


Michael Kidd-Gilchrist from Bobcats


Paul George from Indiana

OR and I will continue to stand by this as much as people get annoyed with it:

You trade Amare for Josh Smith in ATL. That is the deal that HAS to happen at some point. Smith does EVERYTHING Brewer does and more & makes us better rebounding and defensively and still lets Melo play PF.

PG Felton
SG Kidd
SF Smith
PF Melo
C Chandler

boom roster is balanced and good to go.

Lol this aint 2k13, if we make that trade we are DEF not winning a chip this year. Too much adjustment and "gelling time."