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IDK man, the way they play they can bring it every night. OKC can stop drilling long jumpers, SAS can stop hitting their 3s, but Memphis will always pound it down low, get a ton of rebounds and high % shots, get to the FT line.

I see a whole lot of us from last season in the Lakers and also the Nets. No direction, not a whole lot of heart, don't play smart, and just can't seem to 'figure it out' and play winning basketball. I don't think Lakers can be part of the discussion until we see them turn it around.
My main qualm with Memphis is Rudy Gay. I am really not a fan of his game and think he goes chuck mode too often. He has talent but he's not uber efficient and not a great defender. They need to go downlow to Gasol more often in my opinion. He doesn't get the ball enough.

Conley is a really underrated player on their team as well. He runs the offense really well and is just really solid on both ends. Allen is a great defender and solid slasher but his offensive game will always be limited.

If Rudy Gay plays more efficient ball, then I think they'll go far. 18 points on 17 shots is really not something to brag about though.