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    How good will Anthony Davis be?

    Do you see him elevating the Hornets like Chris Paul, or do you see him on another team down the road?

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    Seeing as we will probably stick this year and get another high draft pick I see him sticking around and not having to elevate this team like Paul. Lets face Paul was the only player worth a damn on that team with a solid if not okay supporting cast. If Gordon gets the sand out of his vag the duo of Davis and Gordon instantly makes this team leaps and bounds better and arguably a playoff team. Now you add in the VERY solid play of ryno, the possible emergence of Lopez as a legit C, and what looked like last night a comfortable rivers plus a decent bench and a possible top 3-10 pick next year? Yeahhh I think Davis will be more than happy to stay with a franchise that could have multiple stars if not a DAMN good supporting crew around him. Just my opinion though.

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    He'll get more money here, and we'll have a pretty good roster(hopefully)
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    Remember Sam Bowie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by c-rock View Post
    Remember Sam Bowie?
    You should know Portland Troll!
    I officially now have a "Stephen" following me!

    From my Stephen-
    "Ya damn near ran one of the most ride or die for the Saint fans on here. But that's ok, all that gon change!"
    "I'm gon get with ya every time u try to disrespect other Saints fans!"
    "I wish he opens his mouth!"
    "It's a new day Saints Forum!"

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