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Clyde led the rockets in win shares in the season and playoffs and that is a fact. No where in my post did I say Clyde was the better player but he did produce the most. So before you go about the name calling you need to use your head a bit.
Regarding Rose and Noah that is a different topic and you are going off topic as usual. But WS applies to guys who play similar number of games. Hakeem played 72 games, Drexleer 76 games. They both played 22 games in the playoffs and in the same year. Noah played 25 more games than Rose did in the season as did Deng.
And what about WS/48? Even IF Rose played as much games as Noah last season he wasn't going to lead the team in WS at the rate he was going at.

Clyde did not lead the Rockets in WS that season that is completely idiotic. There is a difference between leading a team in a stat and being a player that generated the most of that stat during the course of the season.

As for me going off course I'd argue I am not. You once told me Mutumbo was the best player on the 01 76ers in the post season because he had the most win shares. You told me that JB you have always used this idiotic argument to back what you claim to be right.