One of the GMs from the old PSD league will have to put in some more detail about this. I was in that league for probably a dozen seasons but never paid attention to DITR. Anyway, I think this is the gist of it:

Each season Randy and I will have a designated person choose 4 random players from the draft pool that have low enough talents to be picked pretty late in the draft. These four players would be edited to boost their ratings to a point where they will be useful Major League caliber players, but not superstars. The only people that will know ahead of time who the DITR players are will be myself, Randy, and the GM that chooses them for us. Then the draft happens and they are drafted by the game in the late rounds, and we announce which players were chosen and do the edits. So who receives the players is completely randomized. This will add some more talent to the league, and contribute to what we're trying to do overall as far as stimulating the trade and FA markets and nudge the draft pools to be deeper by having the game adjust to the rise in overall league talent.