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    Cruz visits Newtown

    I dont know if someone has already posted this, but what a great story. Makes me even think higher of Cruz. What a great person and player

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    Yeah, very nice of him. Still can't comprehend this whole thing....

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    Dec 2011
    Very classy of him to do that. Gained TONS of respect for him. Here's to hoping he doesn't play well against me in my fantasy playoffs. You guys have one hell of a person on your team.

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    Dec 2012
    What a class act!

    I think most of us have mourned not only for the victims of last Friday's horror, but also for the loved ones, especially the parents, of the 20 youngest ones. We've felt like we should do something for these parents and families. But alas, the best most of us could and should do is sympathize from a distance.

    I feel like not only did Mr. Cruz bring a few moments of light to this family and neighborhood, but represented an awful lot of us when he went.

    I'm a fan of the Vikings since about the time you guys sent Tark back to Minnesota, but I'm a Cruz fan now as well.

    Well done young man.

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    Good Guy.

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    Jul 2008
    Very classy

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