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    Vladimir Veremeenko (Who is he?)

    Just figured I would bring this up because I have no idea who the hell he is. But I guess we own his rights via the Kirk Hinrich trade to Washington. anyone have any idea if this guy is even worth bringing over. unfortunately he is already 28,

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    Having charged myself for life with the unattractive and underpaid task of knowing something about every man to have ever played professional basketball - as well as being in the luxurious position of having an unusual amount of Russian basketball broadcast on my television - I am armed to the teeth (and arms) with luscious dollops of Vladimir Veremeenko information. In broadcasting such useless information, I feel strangely useful.
    Veremeenko is a 6'11 combo forward who was drafted by the Wizards with the 48th pick of the 2006 NBA draft. He's a face-up scorer that is too slow to defend the wing positions in the NBA, which is one of the reasons why he will never join it. (The other is that he's not good enough.) He's also not especially strong or physical, which means he can't defend power forwards particularly well, either. If that reminds you somewhat of Viktor Khryapa, you're on the right lines, but you must take away Khryapa's textbook help defense (which makes him a feared defensive player in Europe, if not so much the NBA). If you also subtract Khryapa's ability to pass the ball and run the offense, you're getting closer.

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    He is a below average player in Russia that will never come to the NBA. He had potential but never even sniffed it in Russia. He was a filler for the kirk and seraphin for him trade. He was just a throw in because the wizards had to send something back.

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    no,god.we had no intention of bringing him over,he was just a throw in to make the salary dump work(you cant just trade for nothing,you have to have something come back,understand?).last i heard he was bouncing between being a bit player in the russian fed league and working at a grocery store
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