I really do appreciate what Sandy Alderson has done with what he has, so far it's worked out pretty well. One of my main concerns, however, is that he is not focusing on the bullpen.

You can have an all-star lineup 1-9 and a dominant rotation, but like we have seen over the past five seasons, the bullpen is a crucial part of a team's success. Take for example the Braves, Reds, & Giants. Each have dominant bullpens with a mix of well-developed young arms, smart free agent acquisitions, and [when necessary] fair trades.

There aren't too many reliable arms in the Mets' bullpen. In 2012 the team went through stretches where there was no one reliable out of the 'pen. It handicaps Terry Collins' decisions when he has a lack of confidence in his guys out there, even if his starting pitchers can go seven or eight innings. Not to mention that inherited runners scored and blown saves devalue the starting pitchers (like Santana) who could be dealt in July.

What is Alderson's plan to fix the bullpen? How would you guys approach this problem? Should this even be a focus right now?