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    Quote Originally Posted by bulldog312 View Post
    It doesn't have to look any different though. As an example, Umpires could simply have an earpiece in that beeps or something if the computer recognizes the pitch as a strike. You obviously still need an umpire back there for plays at home, catcher interference, foul tips, etc.
    Interesting idea, but I'm sure its going to be hard for an ump who has known nothing but reaction after the ball hits the mitt to call ball or strike and have to wait to listen for what the pitch actually is. I have a feeling something like that could be a disaster with an ump calling a ball that he sees, and the computer saying it was a strike.

    Who knows, but cool thought
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    I think that this should all be automated and the plate should be increased by 2-3 inches.

    This is laughable.

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