I know Mcknight was battling injuries this season but now that he is healthy does anybody else wish he received more carries during the game? Shonn and Bilal have played good for us, dont get me wrong, but I feel like when Mcknight gets carries he gains some pretty good yards. He has only had 28 carries this season but he is averaging 6 yards a carry and he was one of the best RB in the country coming out of HS. With only 2 games left, this is the best time to give guys that don't normally see the field as much and see what they can do. We already know what Shonn can give us so I really hope to see 18 to 20 carries for Mcknight next game to get a good look of him. The only time he really got a lot of touches was a few years ago when he TORCHED the Buffalo D (granted it was Buffalo) but still he had a great game. What do we have to lose? Does anyone else wish to see more of Mcknight as RB? As dissapointing as it is that we are out of playoff contention, these next two games are important because this can be the time to get a good, long look at the players we have on this roster and see if any of them can contribute to our success for the future.