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    2038 International Free Agents

    International FA (IFA) Posting

    Two to three international FA will join the league each offseason. Teams will submit closed bids for the opportunity to have exclusive negotiations with the free agent. Bids must be submitted via forum private message to the commissioners. Your bid money comes from your "cash on hand". Monies from media contracts are not cash. The bids will be opened during the first Free Agent Sim and teams that have the highest bid or teams tied for the highest bid will have exclusive rights to negotiate a contract with the player they have bid on. There is no maximum bid for a player. Teams that win the right to negotiate with the player will lose their bid money regardless if you are able to sign the player or not. If the player is not signed they will not be able to join the league and must sit out until the following season's posting period. This is very similar to the real life MLB posting process.
    This years international Free Agents:

    Anton Kozlov, 31 year old 1B from Russia
    Jyoti Dikshit, 35 year old MR from India

    Offers are due by FA Sim 1

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    Anton Kozlov: Chicago White Sox (74M)
    Jyoti Dikshit: Baltimore (9M)

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