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Nice job, but I can finagle stats too....

How about a deeper look at the Pats D:

27th in total yards allowed
20th in sacks
29th in passing yards allowed
17th in ppg allowed (as you stated)

Not to mention they get to play the Bills,Jets, and Dolphins twice a year. I'm no John Clayton, but I'd venture to say they don't have a top tier NFL defense.

Just for the record,

Pats allowed

28 and 31 to the Bills
26 and 19 to the Jets
16 to the Dolphins

in comparison, the Niners allowed

3 to the Bills
0 to the Jets
13 to the Dolphins

So don't come at me and try to put lipstick on a turd. They are not a dynamic unit, and teams don't play them fearing their Defense, they fear giving up 50+ points to Tom Brady and company.

But, I'm trying to figure out why you are disputing this in the first place. I am in favor of Kaepernick starting. I want him to be the QB now and into the future, but to turn your head and act like Smith had no part in the 49ers recent success is plain ignorant.

Bazzzziiiiinnnnnggggg .....
Hey! How dare you point out the Bills! We have to throw the Bills game out, well then so should the Patriots...but then that helps the Patriots out because the Bills put up 31 points and 28 points against that amazing Patriot defense!