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Thread: Greg Jennings?

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    Jul 2012
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    Greg Jennings?

    Greg Jennings has openly said that he doesn't think he'll be back as a Packer next season. I know it's early and we still have playoffs, but does anyone think we can pay him to come play opposite AJ? Good fit or no?

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    I don't really think we make any huge splashes in free agency unless it's for a safety or inside linebacker depth. We have 2 really good up and coming receivers in Posey and Jean so no need to use our money there when we have more important problems then wide outs. Don't forget we have two really good tight ends in Daniels and Graham and Casey's had a lot of good receptions at FB this year too. Passing game is fine.

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    Would love to see it but I dont think it's financially possible and this organization doesn't believe in having more than 1 real wide receiver anyway

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    yeah cant afford it.
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    Thanks Dodgersuck

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