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Terry Glenn, Corey Dillon, Troy Brown, Kevin Faulk, Deion Branch (who was good back then). That was one thing that used to upset me is that people made it sound like the Patriots were made up of a bunch of spare parts that just happen to come together. There was legitimate talent on that team. The Jets don't have it.
Deion Branch was good back then. Why? Because he had Brady. he went to Seattle and sucked the hind tit. Terry Glenn was a far cry from his former self at that point. He was de-activated in Bradys first year. He never even played on the same team as Dillon. How can't you admit that the 2001 Pats offence looked like ****, and Brady still won with them.

The offence only started to look good after Brady matured and progressed. Then he got players like Welker and Moss, who have a lot of talent, but would not be and/or have been missed if jettisoned. Welker accomplished what in Miami? Moss in Oakland? I think it is safe to say that Brady made those guys very rich. At least Welker, Moss was already rich.