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    Quote Originally Posted by j-bay View Post
    Its not a hater thread we have seen over the last few years that teams with big off-seasons have played lower than expected. What i'm asking is, is it going to be the same for the Blue Jays, or are they going to be different?
    There was no question posed in the original post. You simply gave your thoughts on what has transpired, which no one cares about and certainly doesn't require it's own thread in the MLB forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nirvana235 View Post
    Dream Team 2013
    pretty much! I think up until jose went down midseadon (and even for a while thereafter) we were first in the major leagues in runs scored. add the past two statistical n.l batting champs, a cy-young winner, 2 additional all star go with our studly bullpen and just wow. wake (and lube) up, al east.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradHolt4CYoung View Post
    Not sure if this thread was necessary but I def agree with what the OP is saying.

    Seems like MLB teams the last couple offseasons are trying to copy the NBA and make "super teams" didnt work for the Redsox last 2 years or Angels last season...they will try again this season though. It was a disaster for the Marlins they ended up having a fire sale....Also dont forget the Dodgers who sucked after they traded for Hanley, A-gone, Beckett, Crawford, missed the playoffs...and they continue to spend huge this offseason.

    We will see with the Jays. I wont be shocked if they fail though because we have seen the type of team underperform so many times before.
    The Red Sox had some horrible contracts prior to people callinng them the 'best team ever'(Lackey,Matz).

    The Angels somehow underperformed with Pujols and an MVP type season in Trout.

    The Marlins simply didn't have enough Talent to build a contender prior to all the Free Agent signings, Bell fell of the map (overpaying a reliver isn't wise unless you're talking about a player like Rivera).

    However the Free agents the Mets got did perform sans Heath Bell. If Miami had some patience, didn't press the abandoned ship button, they probably would have a bounce back season.

    Also, having Ozzie Guillén as their manager was most likely a PR hype move instead of a baseball one, trying to get people to the stadium.

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    Closed at user request

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