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    Quote Originally Posted by fanofclendennon View Post
    And because I appreciated all that hard work, I made a point of reading every word of it before I responded.

    Excellent point about Hairston wanting 3 years. I was unaware of that demand. A guy like Hairston has to be brought in year to year. Heck, part of me is just waiting for him to test positive anyway. He did things at the plate these last two seasons he hadn't done at anytime in his career. Have to laugh. It wasn't too long ago when mine was the loudest voice in this forum calling for his release since he was either striking out or dropping fly balls.

    Next thing I know he's turned into a poor man's Babe Ruth, especially against lefties. I'm hard-pressed to remember anyone turning around like that. Still, I thought it incumbent upon Sandy to resign him considering the state of the rest of our outfield. But if the demand is 3 years, then I agree: Waiting him out or even bringing in an APH is the right move.

    You can draw an analogy to Luis Castillo who was brought in toward the end of the 2007 season to help sure up second base. After the season, this gimp was signed to 4 years. Made no sense to me at the time. Later i heard they were afraid another team was going to sign him, I think the Astros. The answer of course would have been to wish the Astros luck, sign an APH, and wait for a better, younger option. So I concede your point on Hairston.

    Now, why should I think that maybe Sandy was brought in to build the East Coast version of the Oakland A's, especially since the Wilpons historically always spent a lot of money? Because when they were spending money, they were backed by Bernie Madoff's wishing well. Whatever they tossed in, they got 18 percent more. As far as they were concerned, they were spending Monopoly money.Everyone thought the big issue was how much the Mets would have to pay after being sued by Irving Picard. The bigger concern was how would the Mets operate without those guaranteed 18-percent returns. I believe that's what we're finding out now.

    Again to your point, the David Wright signing would run contrary to my assertion about the second coming of Moneyball. But imagine the uproar if both Wright AND Dickey were traded. The organization would have taken a hit from its fan base from which it would have taken a miracle to recover. Nothing short of a championship run within the few seasons would have saved them. The media would have killed them and no one would buy their tickets.

    Sure, signing him was also the right move but so was either trading or re-signing Reyes. Did Sandy have a temporary bout with Alzheimer's in the Reyes debacle or was he worried about taking a hit by trading a potential batting title winner mid season, the same hit he was concerned about if he didn't re-sign Wright?

    See, he could save face, somewhat, by saying that while he wanted Reyes all along (B-crap), his demands were just too rich for his blood. There was no face to be saved by not ponying up on David Wright.

    Sure, it's not out of the realm of possibility that both those moves were made independently for sound baseball reasons. But for the time being, I remain skeptical.

    While I like the Dickey trade, I still want to see what's going to happen next. A lot of people are making analogies to the Mets in the early 80s, bringing in young talent and then finishing it off with expensive veterans like Keith and Gary.

    Let's see if the Sandy Wilpons will bring in expensive veterans to put us over the top, and let's see if the young talent they've brought in are extended after they become eligible to hit the open market.

    Only when that happens will i be convinced it's all about winning.
    Fair enough...

    But, not signing Scott Hairston or Cody Ross this offseason isn't the tell tail sign of this team not having winning as the main goal (especially when both guys are asking for 3 years).

    I agree though...they need to spend eventually and if they don't I will be pissed.

    However, I just don't think this is the right time nor do I think the right players are out there for us to sign.

    The 2014 offseason will in all likely hood be the offseason where we get an idea of what direction this team is heading in...and if that direction is a path toward long term competitiveness...spending will be a part of the equation...not for stop gaps like Ross or Hairston, but for players that can make a serious impact in the short term as well as the long term.

    The only thing worse than not spending any money in free agency is spending money on the wrong players at the wrong time for the wrong deals.

    During the 2014 offseason, their will be plenty of legitimate options out there. I'll make my conclusions then, but for now, I am happy with the young talent that has been acquired and is on the horizon.

    This is a step in the right direction. Will they make the next step? I don't know...I can't answer that right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Patito View Post
    Wow, you just won't let this go will you? I'd be more than happy to provide the numbers again if you'd like. The fact is that Marmol in his best season, put up one of the greatest performances by a reliever in the history of baseball. Better than Rivera? Youre damn right. You can't deny this.

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