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Whoa buddy ur taking that the wrong way. I'm a huge lee fan when he hit free agency he was the main guy I wanted the warriors to sign I was juiced when they did. But I never liked his contract yes there's way worse but he's contract was so big for the team that was already n some big contracts and those other contracts hurt.

Besides Ellis, lee was my favorite player I felt he was really under rated and under appreciated. Now the team is winning and he's getting notices I love it. But u can't deny that even though his stats are similar to previous season that he's not playing on another level right now. He's more consistent he's playing smarter when he fouls he fouls harder. I love the way he's playing
He's playing on another level no doubt. And I wish Lacob and Guber were paying him less.

But for reasons I don't know. Its not my money. And Lacob agreed to the deal. Its working out, like most of us thought,

2 or 3 years, new coach, new curry ankles, new roster.

Lees the cherry on top and he's worth 13-15 million considering he's a top PF in the league.

I can't think of anyone we could've gotten or anyone we could've paid,

if we had just paid David Lee a couple million dollars less per year?