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I want to see Dickey. With all the attention this move got, it would be fun to watch his 1st game and a lot of fans will like to see what the Knuckleball really does. They are going to go R,L,R,L,R anyways. After the 1st go around the rotation it won't matter who started and who didn't.

Regardless what order you go, someone may get thier nose out of joint, but suck it up. We need all 5 to produce regardless what # you are?

So... Dickey, Morrow/Johnson, Romero, Johnson/Morrow, Buehrle . Then I guess you could switch Romero with Buehrle. Its tough. Best to leave it up to the manager.
I don't see anybody but the reigning NL CY winner as the opening day starter. Morrow or Johnson next, but I think Johnson, if the Jays see him as their future 2 with an extension, then Buerhle, Morrow, and Romero I think they'll keep Ricky in the 5 hole, less pressure, better odds of success facing other teams number 5's to start the season, and rebuild his confidence.