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I wouldn't say I'm a homer..I would say your just anti-giants.

I never see you post anything positive about the team, all you do is ***** about every play and player..even when it's a good play.
Then you obviously haven't seen me post that much because I've been flagged for making threads praising a player after a game.

I've been flagged for saying I think Nicks and Cruz is still the best 1-2 punch in the NFL.

I've been flagged for saying I think Prince Amukamara will become a very good CB.

Ive been around for our wins and losses, and quite honestly when we win I expect it cause we have that talent so I don't comment as much but when we look this pathetic yeah I get angry.

Yeap, I'm anti-Giants okay that's why I follow the team and have their pic in my avatar.