The year 2013 may be a repeat of 1983...we started that year with a weak team that lost over 90 games but but by mid-summer we made a foundation trade for Keith Hernandez, my favorite Met all time, and watched young Darryl Strawberry writer likened watching him as to watching a baby deer learning how to walk minutes after birth.

Doc was started at A ball and moved to AAA that summer. A wave of kids was just about to arrive [Darling, Aguilera, Elster, Mitchell, Dykstra, Myers, etc.] to join a young core at Shea. Watching a TDA and Harvey and later Wheeler develop and join neophytes like Familia, Edgin, Carson, Nieuwenhuis and Mejia could create the same feeling...knowing that WFlores, Nimmo, Montero, etc. are on the horizon....seeing the pieces unfold before your eyes and knowing that we were going to be real good, real soon. It will make for an interesting summer.