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I don't have blind hatred for him. It's how I really feel. I feel he put himself above the team at the end. I feel he got greedy and stabbed the Knicks in the back. It's not like they offered him chump change. They offered him a very reasonable contract for a guy who was still a big risk because he is still very unproven.
that statement right here alone just shows your lack of knowledge. you can just tell from the interview that he's a very humble person and not any of the adjectives you spat out . how in the hell is he a back stabber when he was told by the Knicks to seek out opportunity. He did that. Before he signed the offer sheet, rumors of Nash and / or felton was swirling out there. what was he supposed to do? even Lin and Houston didn't think it would happen but THE KNICKS NEVER MATCHED THE OFFER and decide to go other ways. and that's fine for both parties. You can even turn it around and say that Lin and not Melo had put the Knicks back on the map again. the exposures the team had and the finance that Lin brought to New York and the team should be more than enough to bring him back but the stupid owner Dolan was and still is being a douche.