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    The rain, the cold, the wind, and the consistency of the wind. So much to consider:


    "It's really a great place to pitch," former Major Leaguer Tom Candiotti said of Rogers Centre. "I pitched with the roof open, I pitched with the roof closed, and I always preferred the movement of the ball and the consistency of the movement with the roof closed because it was the same every inning. But it sure is nice open, too, as long as it's not cold."

    "It was so foreign to us, we tried to do our best to analyze and study it," general manager Alex Anthopoulos said when asked what factors went into evaluating Dickey. "Temperature wasn't an issue so much, but rain certainly seemed to be. It is for anybody, but especially for R.A. You look at some of the starts where he really got hit. One game in Atlanta, it was just pouring and he gave up a ton of runs.
    Oh yeah...and Dickey:

    In fact, Dickey actually prefers to pitch with the roof open when there are games in a retractable-roof stadium. The humidity increases a little bit during the summer months, and the extra wind can also be a good thing as long it doesn't change directions each inning.

    "I haven't looked at the statistical analysis of indoor versus outdoor, but I feel like it's pretty good," Dickey said. "I know I love pitching in Tampa, I love pitching indoors during the course of my knuckleballing career, so I don't expect it to be much different in Rogers Centre.

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    Rain is the Lord and Savior's Achilles Heel.
    "Ain't got the call no more. Got a lot of sinful idears but they seem kinda sensible...."

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