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I would like Long but he does have an injury history. And immoretty sure Dahl is still under contract so he would be the RG.
Long/Warmack/Wells/Dahl/Saffold would be pretty good. The play of the I-line has me a little puzzled though. I mean no sacks the last 2games against Tampa and Seattle? Seattle at home is tough, to not give up any sacks is quite an accomplishment! I would still look to upgrade at RT but Saffold played well when healthy.

One of the things I would like to address through free agency and NOT the draft is WR. The young group we have need a chance to develop. DX is. Perfect example of that. If we give up on these guys too soon they could end up being productive for someone else. WRs generally take a few years to mature.
They did decent, but don't give them too much credit. They allowed a lot of holding calls on them to prevent those sacks. We still can't free up Kendricks enough to use him as a receiver. Jackson was used as a blocker way too often (shown by only having 11 carries).

And this is all not to mention that Bradford has adapted to crappy O lines. I have never seen a QB capable of running away and out of the pocket and throwing the ball away do it better than Bradford. Even in the pocket, the guy finds a way to throw it to a receiver by his feet without getting intercepted. He threw it to Darryl Richardson about 6 yards behind the line of scrimmage to prevent the sack. He has definitely adapted.