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SA has an option to go for stopgaps or build long term....I'm rooting for the latter.
I also want the long term option.

2013 is irrelevant and should be irrelevant to any smart fan. We shouldn't sacrifice 2015 and beyond for a few extra wins in 2013. In fact, if we are really bad in 2013, then we get a better draft pick, and 2015 and beyond looks that much brighter. Remember that money comes off the books after 2013.

I'm not going to get worked up by any win or loss in 2013. I will see individual performances more than anything. I'd like to see if Duda can become something. I'd like to see if Ike can hit better than .220. I'd like to see if Johan can get back to normal so that maybe a desperate team at the deadline makes a move to get him, netting us more prospects (you never know).

It's not the wins and losses I will look at in 2013, it's the achievements of our young players who will be here long term.